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Straight Talk on Security

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was the latest guest at "Securing Tomorrow," a Raytheon-sponsored Q-and-A series at The Washington Post.

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Fighting for pay equality

As Massachusetts enacts a pay-equality law, we're leading the way thanks to analytics that ensure fairness. A Raytheon VP explains our philosophy.



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A battlefield beneath the waves

This is the vision for undersea warfare in the 21st century – a vast network of unmanned vehicles, smart weapons, sonars and software all working together to make the U.S. Navy's traditional fleet of ships and submarines more powerful than ever.


A unique eye into the world’s most extreme weather

Satellite imagery showed Super Typhoon Meranti completely surrounding the tiny island of Itbayat in the Philippines.


U.S. Navy links Standard Missile-6 with F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in first-of-a-kind flight test

In a first-of-its-kind engagement, a Raytheon Company Standard Missile-6 linked with an F-35 fighter destroyed a medium-range, medium-altitude, subsonic target.


Remembrance and Future: Helping Families of Fallen Soldiers

More than 20 children and their families gathered at a hotel in Sianozety, Poland, for a week-long therapeutic camp. All participants shared something in common – they are coping with the loss of a loved one who died while serving in the Polish military.

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